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Milton Hill Sport
& Spa Takes a
Holistic Approach

By Nate Leskovic
Times Staff

“We have the most innovative exercise equipment in the market,” says Orozzo about his treadmills, ellipticals, hybrid bikes and other apparatus. Some of the equipment have LCD screens so members can watch TV and change to their channel of choice.
The renovation also included redoing the floor to a rubber substance that can be kept free of germs and odor.
“It’s not like a chain gym,” he says. “It’s a boutique.”
The gym offers chiropractic services, a tanning salon, therapeutic massage and a wide variety of classes like Pilates, yoga, step aerobics and spinning.
Orozzo has a master’s degree in exercise science and body movement, and all his trainers have degrees in exercise science or exercise physiology.
The gym also offers personal training and nutritional guidance.
Orozzo, originally from Spain, got his start in Milton working as a personal trainer for wealthy clients. He now lives in town with his partner and co-owner of the gym, Stephen Harlowe.
Personalized Fitness was where Orozzo brought his clients, and he says it was a “golden opportunity” when the space became available.
Orozzo says regular workouts
help reduce stress with the release of endorphins, which then help boost
the immune system. This is why
many health insurance companies will pay for a percentage of gym membership.
“People who are always complaining about lower back pain realize it went away,” Orozzo cites as an example of the overall benefits from training. “People who play sports realize that their game is better.” To see the effects, at least three workouts a week are needed, each 45 minutes to an hour long.
Orozzo says most gym members are between 30 and 55, 80 percent are residents, and it has an equal balance between men and women.
“We are a non-judgemental gym,” he says. “We welcome everyone, from the beginner to the athlete, from the young kid to the senior citizen.”
One example of the compassion Orozzo says Milton Hill Sport & Spa provides its members is daily attendance reviews. Those who haven’t worked out in a while are contacted by e-mail.
“It’s to let them know that we’re here for the right reasons, not just to take their money,” says Orozzo. “We’re doing a little part to make our world a better place.”























By Jon Prestage Editor The group Sustainable Milton is immersed in an effort that it calls the “Milton Solar Challenge” that could net a four-kilowatt solar panel array worth nearly $50,000 to offset electricity costs of a town building or school. The challenge requires that the group gather 300 families by April 30 willing to join the New England Wind Fund by donating either $5 a month for a year ($60) or providing a one-time $100 payment to the fund, which is a non-profit organization offering financial support for wind development projects throughout the region. As part of the Sustainable Milton campaign, approximately 100 residents showed up on a recent Saturday to take a closer look at David DeSantis’ home, which, when it was built five years ago, was much like any other house in town. Since then, DeSantis, a real estate developer, has installed a range of cutting-edge “green” features that make the home one of the more energy-efficient in town. A 10-kilowatt voltaic solar panel system provides enough electricity to make the home electricity independent. The family’s two vehicles currently run on biodiesel or recycled vegetable oil. Compact fluorescent lighting is used throughout the home. The house is extensively insulated, and before the end of the year DeSantis plans to install a 3.7 kilowatt wind turbine to power two electric vehicles that he hopes to acquire when they become available. DeSantis is serious about energy efficiency, and he thanks Al Gore and his film, An Inconvenient Truth for his commitment to dramatically cut his energy usage. “It’s just good citizenship,” he says. “After seeing the film I had a long talk with my son and we figured the best way was to do these things was to do it ourselves and then try to share our knowledge with others.” He also visited Amazon.com and ordered numerous copies of the film, which he then sent to friends. (continued)